Stephanie Claire Art

As a British artist Stephanie’s creative journey began following her graduation from Leeds Arts University. In a unique twist, she ventured into the world of the emergency services, where she drew inspiration from the stark realities of life she encountered. These experiences served as a wellspring for her art, transforming it into a therapeutic moment to pause and of meditative escape.

Stephanie’s intuitive approach to painting shines through her work. With the fluidity of alcohol ink, she weaves captivating compositions that seem to dance on the canvas like water. Her expressive acrylic brushstrokes convey a deep well of emotion, while the layers of earthly texture in her pieces add a rich depth of meaning. Combining both earth and water she is ever inspired by water’s uncontrollable charms and earth’s grounding comfort.

As both an artist and a mother to two children, Stephanie’s aim is to extend an invitation to her viewers. She hopes to infuse her calming energy into her work and guide them on a similar journey of healing, offering a respite from life’s noise and a chance to slow down. In doing so, she encourages them to appreciate the intricate and emotive details that enrich our lives, just as she has found solace and inspiration in her own art.
'Steph was amazing, we chatted through colour scheme, what I like and didn't like, measured up and she photoshopped different sizes onto my wall. I selected and off she went, my very own commission, unique to me, one of a kind'
Rachel Williams